Film was a staple on the Atlanta music scene from 1995 to 2003. The band had two commercial releases, 1999’s FILMLAND and 2001’s ..Rolling.. The band were popular in Atlanta drawing over 700 to the ..Rolling.. CD release show at Masquerade on March 10, 2001.

In 2001, the band was offered a record deal by Guy Oceary, at Maverick Records. Michael Goldberg was their A&R rep. but the band changed line ups and continued to release independently until it split in 2003.

The band was made up of five individuals who all share a passion for melody, groove, rhythm and emotion, a combination of styles that produces an uplifting, anthemic sound, now well renowned in Atlanta. Influenced by British bands like The Charlatans, The Happy Mondays, The Who and The Beatles as well as American rock bands and dance music, Film songs span many genres and showcase awesome songwriting.

Tracks like ‘Chemical Wonder’, ‘Q’ and ‘Be With Me Now’ were featured in movies and can still be heard all over television. The band was voted one of the Top Ten unsigned bands by VH1 and Top16 by Mars Music. The band has released 2 full CD’s; 1999’s Filmland and 2001’s ‘..rolling..’ as well as a handful of other singles.

  • VH1 top ten Unsigned Band
  • Mars Music ten 16 unsigned band
  • ‘Lead Machine’ Best Modern Rock – JP Folks
  • ‘Q’ “Film’s career building song” – Leslie Fram 99x
  • Five songs in ‘Losing Grace’ score
  • Featured on A&R site
  • over 16,000 plays on
  • songs featured on MTV shows ‘Real World’, ‘Tough Enough’ and Road Rules
  • Atlanta Winner 2000 Band to Band

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