1/18 99xpress Magazine Jay Harren It was about this time last year that Atlanta-based Film were making significant wanes on the local and national scene with their critically acclaimed independent release ‘..rolling..’. It seemed like every time you turned around the band was flying to New York or Los Angeles to showcase for a major label or to play gigs at venues like Los Angeles’ House Of Blues. What ever happened to them? On the eve of signing a major deal with the Madonna-owned Maverick Recordings last March Film’s singer Mike Lee abruptly left the band to pursue a solo career. This decision, although welcomed by many Film purists who missed the less mainstream sound of original singer and current guitarist, Mike Sickeler, left the band stranded but not defeated. After a considerable amount of thought rehearsals and auditions, the band moved ahead drafting friend and former Lizardmen frontman Michael Meyer. The group then opted to travel down the high road to independent label land “there seems to be so much more integrity in the indie world than in the major label world”, says Film keyboardist Iain Bluett. “With an indie label we’re more likely to be able to do what we want rather than what we’re told.” Adopting a new singer is no easy task, buy Meyer seems to fit in just fine as evidenced by a recent show at the Dark Horse Tavern where the band played to an excited Tuesday night crowd. They’ve shed some new skin by re-tooling their sound with the addition of not only Michael Meyers vocals, but also his guitar work, which adds fullness to their already lush sound. New songs, such as ‘Sorry’, ‘Take It All away’ and ‘Groove’ were met enthusiastically and verified the brilliance of 2000’s ‘..rolling..’ was not just a fluke. In fact, the band played all but one brand new song within their hour long set. Film, now managed by Nicole Jurovics of Stress Management (Peter Searcy) is currently in the studio recording demos for several independent labels who have show considerable interest in the band. Its been a year since their last release but I can assure you it will be well worth the wait. 1/07 Hitmakers (Chemical Wonder) A powerful track from this Atlanta, Georgia-based rock act demonstrates a top-notch production and effective use of subtle dynamics that captures the ears on first listen. They are currently in the studio working up new material. 5/30 99Xpress magazine Kristopher Monroe You know those songs you listen to where you wait for that certain part where the guitars, drums, keyboards and the singer’s voice all come together in a whoosh of music intensity that just sweeps you away? Well, a few of the songs on Film’s new EP ‘..rolling..’ did that for me. Film makes strong emotionally charged alterna-rock. Listening to this music either on a cold rainy day or a warm summerm afternoon would be fitting. The songs range from the strains of “Chemical Wonder” (with lyrics like “And I don’t want you/ I don’t need you/ I still feel you/ I still bleed you/ You drugged me under”) to the closing “Get Up/ Get Out/ Get on with your life” from the single ‘Coming Down (can you feel it?]’. With only six songs, [they] manage to create and exhilarating mix of music that should appeal to anyone inteterested in a charge of heartfelt rock. They’ve been likened to Brit Pop, but I think they have a decidedly American sound-not as brooding. Interested parties should pick up a copy of the newest release and/or go out and see Film play before your friends find out, so you can say you knew them when. Can you feel it? 4/6 Cormac Staunton After a hugely successful CD release party last month at the Masquerade and a whirlwind tour of the States, the new release from Atlanta’s Film is finally in stores. Produced by Rick Beato of Billionaire, this is a finely crafted record, packed with some of the best pop tunes ever recorded by Atlanta artists. Each of the songs include have personalities of their own, but yet blend extremely well together on this Album. “Lead Machine” is truly a classic. Tells the story of a man who sticks with what he believes in (his lead machine), it may not be fast, may not be flashy – but it is flexible and it works – and if you stay with what you know to be true, everything comes your way eventually. Written by the band’s guardian of soul, and lead guitar, Mike Sickeler, this song is in fact pretty much embodies all that is good about this excellent band. “Coming Down (Can you feel it?)” is a very upbeat up tempo tune, urging you to get off your ass and do something with your life, written as a collaboration by the band. You can’t help enjoying whatever it is you are doing while listening to this song. The ballad “Q” shows the range this group of young men have, a beautiful love song, better than anything prissy Britpoppers Travis or Coldplay are capable of. EASILY! The CD leads off with “Chemical Wonder” a dance hit waiting to happen. Rumors are that there may be a dance remix of “Chemical Wonder” coming soon … can’t wait. The disk is rounded out by “Getaway” and “Be With Me Now”, both groove ridden and infectious, peppered with great chorus and melodies. Film have often been classed as Britpop by the press and critics. Hardly, because, well theyšre from here (mostly). Film are however one of the leading exponents of the emerging Atlanta intown sound. Its new, it has many influences, but its ours! Film are all about the ATL. 4/3 99Xpress Laura Although I’ve found many bands I’ve liked, nothing repeated that same feeling [I had with Collective Soul] until I discovered Film-a five-member group from Atlanta with a distinctive Brit-Rock sound. These guys have the stuff it takes to be just as big as Collective Soul and the determination to get there. Already enjoying an enthusiastic following here in Atlanta, they just released a six-song CD called Rolling and are being courted by major labels. It’s not too late to jump on the Film bandwagon. Fall in love with Film and someday you too could have a story about how you “remember when . . . . 3/7 Creative Loafing Roni Sarig Headlining a bill featuring many of the most upwardly mobile rock bands in Atlanta (Metroscene, Lotustarr, Adom, Centipede), ever-popular sort-of-Brit-pop quintet Film presents its brand new six-song EP, Rolling. While steeped in that most stale of genres, modern rock, Rolling manages to reveal some depth in its arrangements and the band compiles more catchy hooks than ever before. It’s for sale through indie distribution, but make no mistake: Rolling is the demo that’s meant to score a major-label contract. It’s also the first hint that they’re up to snuff. 2/9 99X WNNX – Program Director Leslie Fram 99X’s program director, Leslie Fram says ” ‘Q’ is a career making song. ” 1/6 SOUTH EAST PERFORMER Set Scene: Inside the lounge area of The Zone Recording Studio, located in Atlanta GA. Characters: Five musical blokes that make up one of the hottest bands in Atlanta right now. Lead in: Recollecting the past and dreaming about the future. The Plot: Conquer as much of the city (and then the Eastern Seaboard) as possible with their highly charged, free-floating matrix of metal meets melodic. It is the mixture that has won this band of super heros/rockers acclaim from both the music biz, as well as the local scenesters. continued . . . 9/13 Jerry Harrsion (Talking Heads) – produced Live, No Doubt, Verve Pipe, Foo Fighters ‘Be With Me Now’ by Film has an effervescent, joyful feeling propelled by a beat that is a little reminiscent of the end of Gimme Shelter by the Stones. It draws you in and doesn’t let you go. 9/6 MUSICEDITOR.COM Film – Filmland Demo (1999 – in studio working on new release) Fans of the Stone Roses, Radiohead, Richard Ashcroft/the Verve, etc. should check out Film, who despite their strong British Rock influence, hail from Atlanta, GA. British pop mag called them “intensely musical and melodically pop driven”, and their tracks are not only heavily downloaded – over 1500 times in 4 days for the radio version of “Be With Me Now” on, but they’ve reached the semi-finals of VH1’s unsigned band competition and came 5th in a recent contest. Building a formidable base online as well as through MTV – who licensed ten tracks for its “Road Rules” season premier last June, Film not only have a cool name, but an extremely cool sound. Their entrepreneurial indie marketing efforts – check out their website at are obviously working, but nothing would be materialising if it weren’t for their impressive Manchester pop sound with a southern tinge. Currently working on a late summer full-length CD, Film is a band worth watching. 8/9 LOCALMUSIC.COM RANDY SADD Big buzz happening, new singer completes the puzzle, songs show it. 8/4 ATLANTA JOURNAL CONSTITUTION SHANE HARRISON This terrifically talented Brit Pop flavored local quintet has a new single ‘Coming Down’. Film’s melodic prowess puts them a cut above most of the local competition. 7/18 DIGITALCITY.COM/ATLANTA MARA MASSO Making fans on popular Atlanta radio, Film is rock without panache- they make music purely and simply without the bang and crash of louder counterparts. Their emotionally and methodically melodic pop with introspective lyrics is reminiscent of today’s British sounds- Oasis, Travis, Radiohead, Verve, Blur, with a local edge. Groove-driven and easy, Film has earned their stripes in Atlanta through strong local support. Their songs have been in 99X commercials and Film was 96 Rock’s token “Jim Beam Back Room Band” boys during Atlanta’s Super Bowl. With a fresh line-up in time for summer, get ready for Film to take the stage. 6/19 VH1 UNDISCOVERED BANDS CONTEST. Film make it to the semi finals of VH1’s undiscovered bands contest and are chosen as one of the top ten unsigned bands in the country. 4/05 ATLANTA CITY MAGAZINE JENNIFER CHIOFALO Article from Atlanta City Magazine 12/15 CREATIVE LOAFING GREG NICHOL Film has a sharp modern pop focus. 12/14 DIGITAL CITY ATLANTA LAURA PICARD Melodic, wall-of-sound Emo-Pop Smith’s is showcasing local critics’ fave Film this Thursday in its funky attic clubroom. Melodic, wall-of-sound Emo-Pop (think: the Manchester Sound meets Southern Guitar Heaven) is the best way to describe Film, but their sound is really uncategorizable. Shimmering guitars, lush harmonic vocals and intense musicality have made this one of the most talked about bands on the indie scene. The crowd should be diverse, from college kids to thirty-somethings, but expect it to be chockfilled with connoisseurs. Truly not a band to be missed. — 12/10 MTV ONLINE STEVEN SALM The local quartet known as FILM infuses elements of classic Brit-pop and rock into their work. Mike Sickeler, the band’s lead singer, has a voice that moves in very enjoyable, inviting and melodic directions. 11/19 ATLANTA LOCAL MUSIC AWARDS After being nominated for the Peoples Choice Award at the Atlanta Local Music Awards – Film came 7th out of 231 bands that recieved votes. 10/13 CREATIVE LOAFING READERS CHOICE AWARD BEST HEAVY ROCK BAND Creative Loafing Best of Atlanta 1999CLICK HERE Our readers sude surprised us with this one. Film is a great pop band with a decidedly british flavor, but they are not by any measure, what we consider ‘Heavy”! 8/8 MP3.COM POP ROCK SONG OF THE WEEK Stunning new rock 7/9 ATLANTA JOURNAL SHANE HARRISION Catch one of the bands blistering live performances. It’s always one of the best shows in town. 4/27 CREATIVE LOAFING MUSIC MIDTOWN MUSIC FESTIVAL PREVIEW A fast rising Atlanta pop band with an assertive tunefulness. 4/22 MELODY MAKER HOLLY FERNANDEZ Film are intensely musical and melodically pop driven and their debut, ‘Filmland’, covers a myriad of musical styles from American Rock to British Pop. 4/5 THE SENTINEL KSU MICHELLE LIZASO They’ve been labeled as Anglo-Influenced pop. I can’t exactly see how that altogether fits Film. Anglo maybe replacing the Brit, but that’s just simply not enough. Film have a new and unique sound and the press find a need to label them in order to process them, distribute them, and get them out into the market. The truth is that their sound is an oasis in the deserted industry of rehashed, tired sounds. There is really no need for categorizing or label making when it comes to this album, it’s just good music. Their sound, a marriage of emo-styled rock and Britpop, appeals to a wide variety of people. It doesn’t matter if you love one or all of them; if you’re a fan of The Cure, Sunny Day Real Estate, Radiohead, The Smiths, Stone Roses, or anything along those lines, you’ll be sure to find something to like on this album. Their debut CD, is an emo-pop combination filled with a bright garage appeal. The quintessential rawness found in debut albums is something you can’t put your finger on, but is a characteristic that usually fizzles out with every album produced. They’ve definitely steered clear of over-production on Filmland which works well with their sound. Drawing their influence from such a varied and broad array of sounds makes this fusion pop rock band a proud asset to the expanding Atlanta music scene. Mike’s soothing and gentle breezy voice draws together the absolutely amazing qualities of Thom Yorke and Jeremy Enigk–minus the whine. His vocal style makes the album stand alongside Urban Hymns and OK Computer–an all occasion, all mood type of album, always ready for a listen. The reason why this album possesses such a strong sound is because every member is a powerful and dynamic musician. Christian’s bass lines are near perfect and Fred’s drumming is exceptional and unlike the quality usually found in a band with such a short history. Iain’s piano playing adds drama and warmth to the album alongside character and wit. Their lyrics tell tales of the ups and downs and struggles one finds in relationships–all sorts. From taking his life into his own hands and choosing to do what makes him truly happy, to finding someone who makes him truly happy, Mike’s lyrics are sentimental as well as sensitive. These written words mirror his equally apt vocals. 3/12 ATLANTA CONSTITUTION On it’s remarkable debut, “Filmland,” this Atlanta quartet touches on the finest moments of British Rock from the Small Faces to the Stone Roses. The band doesn’t just emulate, but takes those influences and distills them into a distinctive brew that’s all shimmering guitars and haunting melodies. Definitely one to watch” 2/22 STARWIRE MAGAZINE CD REVIEWED BY THE STAR WIRE CLICK HERE Film.. a musical force to be reckoned with 2/19 ATLANTA PRESS HAL HOROWITZ FILM FILMLAND [Projector Records] 4 out of 5 Since there’s no less than three mentions of the word “jangly” in Film’s bio, I’ll try to avoid using it in the context of this review. What I won’t be able to escape is the word “Brit”, because for a bunch of southerners, these guys sound like they’ve been haunting London clubs for their entire musical career. The unabashed Stone Roses and Oasis influences are obvious, but there’s also a substantial, edgy Echo and the Bunnymen/Teardrop Explodes early art/punk esthetic working in Film’s mid-tempo, melodic rockers. The guitars of lead singer Mike Sickeler reverb and echo through every song and their jang….. ummm…..chiming big sound, not unlike early edge, injects Film with its cinematic sound. Vocally, Sickeler fuses the most pop worthy aspects of Jeff Lynne with a bit of the tuneful bite of John Lennon and, along with the bassist Christian Prichard, creates harmonies which add to the Beatlesque approach. It’s clean, well constructed ,jang…ummm… rhythmical Brit Pop with touches of Hunky Dory-era Bowie, just to add to the English-ness of it all. The set closer, “WAH (Faith Unknown)” sounds a little too much like an out take from the first Stone Roses album, and only Tom Petty would be able to guess that ‘No easy Way” a loving jang…. ummm … strum/ringing tune wasn’t nabbed off a lost Byrds session. But ultimately that just adds to Film’s charm. Their lovely, jang ….ummm …graceful majestic pop songs are a breath of fresh air to thetypical grunge and pretentious dreck currently inhabiting alternativeradio. Roll Film, sit back, and enjoy the show. You may know some of the actors, but their version of the story is still captivating. 2/15 PRESS RELEASE CD RELEASE INFO SENT OUT Click here to read. 2/15 ROUGHTRADE RECORDS LONDON UK One for the A&R brigade. 1/22 VIRGIN NET MUSIC PRODUCER ANDY BROUGHTON-BRAITHWAITE Film make the sound of a MarkI Stone Roses mating gently with a MarkIII Radiohead. With harmonies. Big harmonies. And often a piano. A big-sounding piano. So nothing like a RadioRoses really, then, but actually jangly, plinky indie troubadours assaulting us with their infectious melodies and large organ. A bit like Ben Folds Five disturbing 18Wheeler down a dark alley, so that’s alright then. Click here to read 1/15 AJC SHANE HARRISON A talented quartet that has created a buzz around town with its melodic Anglo-influenced rock 1/13 CREATIVE LOAFING GREG NICOLL The lads in Film celebrate the release of their bright modern pop CD Film Land tonight with a gala show that kicks off about 9 p.m. Openers 45 Mercy welcome Dr. Kathleen Basile as their new full time bassist at this gig, Deejay Chris Coleman will be on hand to spin tracks from 1 a.m. onward, after all the live music ends. 10/27/98 DJ WCUR PA PAUL DRISCOLL Heard a lot of good things about FILM….. The CD is great, it has a sound I never thought I would hear again, played a few of the tracks on my radio show the last couple of weeks and people have given me good responses. 6/11/98 CREATIVE LOAFING GREG NICOLL …”bright jangle pop that’s rough in the right places. What might have happened if Wreckless Eric and Graham Parker had joined the Beatles”…………….